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COE 50" WIDE X .050 X 20,000LB / SESCO SERVO FEED LINE, STOCK# 13827J ***duplicate

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  • Inventory ID: 5675
  • Status: VOID SALE
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    50" WIDE X .050 X 20,000 LB COE/SESCO SERVO FEED LINE, STOCK# 13827J 

    54” Wide x .060 Coe AC Servo Drive Digital Roll Feed

    Model No. CPRF 454

    Age:  1997

    S/N:  16502

    Capacity:  .060 at 54 Inches Width

                      .156 at 30 Inches Width

    Feed Angle:  180 And 240 Degrees           

    Maximum Speed:   348 Feet/Minute

    Acceleration:     32 Feet/Second/Second

    Feed Accuracy:  +/-.003 Inch

    Feed Roll O.D.:   4 Inches

    Drive Ratio:   3.0: 1

    Close tolerance cluster geared upper and lower feed rolls   

    Air operated pilot release mechanism

    Upper roll pivots over the diameter of the mating gear, guaranteeing full gear mesh regardless of upper roll position

    Splined gears and rollers for a lifetime of accurate performance

    Regulators for feed roll, raise and lower cylinders

    Crodon coated upper and lower feed rolls

    AC brushless servo drive

    Motor shaft encoder

    Master control station

    220 volt, 3 phase

    Jog forward and reverse

    Single cycle pushbutton

    Emergency stop button

    Electrical safety disconnect

    Motorized passline height adjustment

    3 roll entrance catenary support section full sideplate with funnel

    Air operated anti-backup rolls

    C.P.E.C Controller - BG-2

    Key pad length and speed input

    160 character backlit LCD display

    Alpha-numeric control parameter diagnostics

    200 job memory (alpha-numeric, 8 digit)

    Adjustable acceleration and deceleration rates

    Footage meter

    Programmable dwell for pilot release

    Batch counter

    Entrance edge guide with self centering and independent handcrank adjustment

    with 2 1/4 diameter rolls

    Special Options:

    Remote jog with coil cord mounted on operator side of feed base, connected to existing j-box--customer to supply 4-button pendant (forward/reverse and upper roll raise/lower)

    Heavy duty cabinet base w/passline adjustable +-5" by means of 10,000 lbs leg jacks

    Feed Direction: Left to Right

    Passline Height: 55”

    Sesco 7 Roll Powered Straightener

    S/N:  21166

    Model:  53-264

    Age:  1985

    Capacity:  .015-.040

    Feed Length Range:  0-42"

    Feed Length Accuracy:  +/- .005

    Feed Direction:  L - R

    Pass liine Height:  56"

    Pinch Roll Dia:  3.5"

    Straightening Roll Dia"  3.5"

    Pinch Roll Lift:  Pneumatic

    Driven Pinch Rolls and Lower Straightening Rolls

    Sonar Loop Control

    Manual Lube

    220/440 Volt

    20,000# Sesco Traversing Pull Off Type  Centering Reel W/Power Threading Drive

    60" OD

    20"-24" ID

    Hydraulic Expansion

    Coil Lift Elevator